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Hey the game is super cool, it would help a lot having a tutorial at the beginning and a global high score to track progress as well.

Are you still developing it?

Artwork is really great :)

I struggle with putting a fish in the basket. After the reel hit a fish, and I then press "S" nothing shows up in the basket of the lady. Not sure if this is a bug or I did not understand the instructions correctly.

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Hey, thanks for the feedback! :) If the caught fish fits the raw request (the one in the top screen) it will automatically fulfill that one and increase the score. Otherwise it will end up in the basket if it is useful for the lower request, where it can then be prepared. Ideally there would be a way to select what request to fulfill, but alas, limitations of doing a game in such a short amount of time!

EDIT: Changed the first time experience to include some key hints, and to show each type of requests at the time to ease players figuring out what to do :) Hopefully will help!