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A game with a clever design. The color of Mr. Flower is the same as that of the opponents, which every now and then leads to mistakes. But not that it was necessary to cooperate: I reached 670 points, playing only as Miss Flame. Mister Flower got in the way.

Scored 1310 after learning to focus on using Miss Flame more, thanks to you. Mr. Flower's matching the enemies' color is definitely a bad game design aspect, but this minigame is quite interesting otherwise. I could definitely see it being developed further as a full-fledged game if there were levels with more interesting, noncircular tracks for the two characters to move along.

Thanks for the game!
The idea to make flower vulnerable to your bullets is brilliant in conveying the idea of care. I only wish that it would reflect projectiles automatically, so I only think of its position and not timing. Taking care of both was a bit overwhelming to me. Artwork and sound design are of the highest quality, of course.


This is a really cool game. You did an awesome job.


A very well made game that sells the jam's theme well, I just wish I was good enough to actually have a run that lasted more then three minutes. This game is freaking hard! A well made jam game, but it's pretty tough to get the hang of.


I liked it :)


This is just amazing. The art is gorgeous and the gameplay is original and fun.

Thank you for the kind words! Means a lot <3


Played the game (hotfix version).

It's working quite good and I would like to play it more, but the crucial missing thing is level saving: I don't want to start on wave 1 every time I die

Definitely! I really did want to include it but i was out of time by the time I realized I should put one! Will be one of the first things to hit after the jam!

You can make it for hotfix version now:)

Yeah I could, but I think that would break the spirit of the jam! I want the game to stay the same as long as the review process is going on, I just made the hotfix version to ensure it would be playable to everyone!

> I think that would break the spirit of the jam
I don't know... The jam is not rated and the Extra Credits team will play original games anyway.


A really cool game. It feels very refined. I felt like I was playing a low-res version of Cuphead or something.

The only thing I mildly dislike is the mouse shooting controls. It doesn't change direction while firing and sometimes, its not intuitive as to where you're shooting.

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Thank you for such compliments <3

There is a bug that skews the aim from far away of where the mouse is pointing as of now for some people ... I already fixed it locally and am trying to get permission to upload ASAP so everyone can play!

Edit: An Hotfix version is now available in the description, for people having issues!


Wow this is hard!
Wow this is good!

Really love the concept of both character locked together in a deadly dance! The difficulty curve is a bit to steep, but this is a good base!

Also, really nice to have included gifs on you project page!

Thank you very much! It is now canon in my head that they are in fact dancing!



This is a really   nice game!   If anything I wish it had a slightly less extreme difficulty curve.  But over all it's a very nice game!   Fire   and   Ice   are   very  nice.